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Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit

Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit

 (1328 Bewertungen)

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Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit

Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit

 (1328 Bewertungen)
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Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit have already helped thousands of customers regain hair confidence and achieve their desired hair growth goals. Let's see our happy customers! 

"I have been battling hair loss around my hairline for many years. I've tried an assortment of products, home remedies, and dietary changes with little to no avail. It seemed like my hair was destined to thin forever.But everything changed with Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kitrecommended by my dermatologist. The Minoxidil serum and the unique roller applicator worked wonders, promoting even distribution and effective absorption. I saw improvements within 8 weeks - my hairline filled in, my hair felt healthier, thicker, and stronger! I am really impressed with this result!"

Amelia E. Jacksons
New York, United States

"No more messy hair serum applications with the  Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit! Previously, applying hair serum with my hands was inefficient and left them oily, sometimes even leading to accidental application on my face or into my eyes. Since discovering the Liascy™ Hair Scalp Applicator, I am thrilled to have a tool that ensures a neat, even, and efficient application of hair serum. This applicator perfectly dispenses the serum onto my scalp in just the right amount. I'm particularly fond of its effectiveness. As you can see from my pictures, after using Liascy for 8 weeks, my hair has started to grow again!"

Angela F. Smith
Manchester, United Kingdom

What is the cause of HAIR-LOSS 

How does the  Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit works?

The  Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit combines the powerful hair growth stimulantMinoxidil, with a specially designed applicator to enhance hair health and density. Minoxidil works by revitalizing hair follicles and prolonging the growth phase of the hair cycle, encouraging hair regrowth. The unique roller applicator ensures the serum is uniformly applied across the scalp, facilitating optimal absorption and ensuring every hair follicle benefits. Consistent use of the kit can result in noticeable improvements in hair thickness and overall hair health, providing an effective solution for those grappling with hair loss or thinning.

What is the MinoBrush?

Our MinoBrush features a built-in tube with standard ml markings, allowing you to fill and apply the precise amount of serum needed. The premium bristles not only ensure an even application but also aid in faster absorption of the serum into your scalp.

But that's not all. The kit also includes our specially formulated Hair Serum, infused with a potent blend of Minoxidil, Biotin, and Hibiscus extract. This powerful combination works synergistically to stimulate hair growth, with visible results in as little as 8 weeks.

The applicator is a superior alternative to using hands, reducing product wastage and avoiding any mess. It ensures the serum reaches all the targeted areas, particularly those hard-to-reach spots on the scalp. This even distribution facilitates an optimal absorption process, allowing each hair follicle to effectively take in the Minoxidil serum.


  • Fast-acting & gentle formula defused instantly 
  • Painlessly and non-invasive acne treatment at home
  • Visibly reduces the hair loss within 3 days
  • 10X Enhanced Absorption of the hair serum
  • Easy and Mess-Free Application
  • Herbal Ingredients - Prevents Oxidative Damage
  • Fortifies Hair Structure

Why Choose Liacsy™ Minoxidil HariMax Serum Kit?

2 Secrets Ingredients for stimulating hair growth

The  Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Serum blends potent herbal ingredients for boosted hair health and growth. Plant keratin fortifies hair structure, while Angelica nourishes the scalp. Ginger stimulates hair growth by improving scalp circulation, and Mint maintains scalp health with its anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients stimulate growth, enhance hair strength, and nourish the scalp.

 Minoxidil - Stimulate blood circulation for hair scalp effectively

Minoxidil is a potent hair growth stimulant that primarily works by prolonging the anagen phase, or the growth phase, of the hair cycle. This allows hair to grow longer and thicker over time. Minoxidil also increases blood flow to the hair follicles, which provides them with more nutrients and oxygen. This revitalizes weakened or dormant follicles, encouraging them to produce new and healthy hair. The result is not just more hair, but stronger and healthier hair as well. Over time, consistent use of Minoxidil can result in significantly improved hair density and overall scalp coverage, making it a valuable tool in the fight against hair loss and thinning.

Biotin - Promotes Keratin Production

Biotin(Vitamin B7), is essential for hair revitalization and growth as it aids in keratin production, the primary protein in hair. It helps improve scalp health by aiding in the metabolism of scalp oils, creating a conducive environment for hair growth. Biotin also prevents hair thinning and help balance the pH level on hair scalp.


Let's see how Emily F. Jones get rid of hair loss in 8 weeks!

"I used to struggle with the visible signs of my hair loss. I would rely on hair fiber powder or constantly wear a hat to hide it. That's when I discovered the incredible potential of the Liacsy MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit for hair growth. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try, and I'm thrilled that I did! In just a few weeks of using this home treatmentI noticed remarkable improvements in my hair's thickness, growth, and even the healing of my receding hairline. No longer do I need to rely on expensive surgeries or endure painful procedures. This device is lightweight and small that I can easily take it with me anytime. I can be confident to take pictures without using hair powder now! Thanks to LIASCY!"

Emily F. Jones
Chicago, United States


"I suffered from embarrassing bald spots on the top of my head, and I felt self-conscious without wearing a hat. Thankfully, my doctor recommended Liacsy™ Minoxidil HariMax Serum Kit. In just 8 weeks of usemy bald spots started to recover miraculously. The best part? No surgery or pain involved. This innovative device brought back my confidence and gave me fuller, healthier hair. I can't thank Liascy enough for their incredible product! No more hats on hot summer!"

Jennifer Wilson 
Manchester, United Kingdom

How to Use the  Liacsy™ MinoBrush Hair-GROW Treatment Kit

  1. Fill the MinoBrush with your minoxidil serum.
  2. Part your hair to expose the areas of your scalp where you want to apply the serum.
  3. Gently press the MinoBrush against your scalp and squeeze to release the serum.
  4. Massage the serum into your scalp using the MinoBrush, ensuring even distribution. Use it twice a day for the best result.



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